TurboXS StealthBack Exhaust - Mazdaspeed3 2007-2008

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So you want more power out of your Mazdaspeed 3 but you still want it to look and sound like stock.  The solution?  Get yourself the TurboXS Stealthback Exhaust.  The Stealthback replaces the first two pipes of your stock exhaust system and replaces them with our insanely high flowing, 3" diameter, 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe (MS3-DP) and Racepipe (MS3-RP) while keeping your stock catback exhaust system.  The result?  Your car looks and sounds pretty close to stock but now has an additional 51 ft-lb of torque and 46 horsepower.  Your Speed3 may look and sound stock, but it certainly won't drive like stock!

NOTE:  The Stealthback exhaust is for offroad use only and is likely to cause a Check Engine Light