Snow Performance Stage 2 MAF Boost Cooler

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This kit uses the 0 to 5 Volt output signal from the Mass Air Flow sensor on many fuel injected vehicles. This means that any vehicle with a MAF (with a 0-5V output signal) can use this kit, whether they are naturally aspirated or forced induction. If the application is forced induction, it can be used with very fast-spooling turbos, or positive displacement blowers. It is easier to set up with the positive displacement blowers with a MAF signal because it is more progressive in nature vs. the boost pressure signal on those applications. This allows for the most accurate injection possible over the widest range. The result is the most power and driveability possible. Now with Lifetime Warranty - please see details.

Kit includes:
• 150+ PSI High Volume Pump
• 2 Quart Reservoir
• Digital Variable Controller
• 2 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower
• All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
• Comprehensive Instructions