Mazdaspeed3 Stage 1 Power Pack - 325.3 Ft. lbs & 291 Wheel Horsepower 2007-2009

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While many will advocate that an intake and a catback should be your first mods on your MS3, they would be dead wrong if performance and ease of installation are any part of the criteria.

The biggest problem with the MS3 in terms of performance is on the exhaust side. Take a look at the stock MS3 Downpipe. A small bellmouth leads to a sharp 90 degree bend, straight into a cataIytic converter. Kind of reminds me of ET the Extraterrestrial, actually.

In any case, this design is great for slowing turbo spool up, reducing engine Volumetric Efficiency (VE), and improving emissions performance by creating a massive restriction right after the turbocharger before the catalytic converter.

We gained 40 whp and 50 ft-lbs of torque with the installation of the MS3-SBE to our MS3. You are not going to get that with any intake/catback combination. And while installation is not the easiest, the power gains per $ spent makes this our recommended first step. The car still looks stock and still sounds stock but now beats stock STi’s and EVO’s easily from a roll.

Stage 1: Let your MZR 2.3 DISI Breathe Out Parts:
* TurboXS Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe (MS3-DP )
* TurboXS Mazdaspeed 3 Racepipe (MS3-RP )

Fits: Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2009