Mazda CP-E XcelXL Air Intake - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1-MazdaSpeed 6

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Trying to break the 400HP mark? You're going to need a larger than stock MAF housing.  The MAF sensor in the factory housing simply doesn't have the ability to register 400HP worth of air. Moreover, big turbo performance will be stifled by a standard size MAF housing. cp-e™ has created the XcelXL™ to help alleviate this restriction.

With the cp-e™ XcelXL™ the possibilities are endless. It is offered as a simple MAF housing that can either be used as a short ram intake, that is a direct fit with our Nviscid™ inlet pipe, or it can be integrated by the end-user into a custom intake system for whatever setup you need.

The XcelXL™ comes as a kit with a 3.25in MAF housing designed to fit the stock MAF sensor, a cp-e™ 3.5in filter with a built in velocity stack for optimal airflow, and a breather filter for the crank case ventilation, as well as all the necessary hardware for a direct fit to the cp-e™ Nviscid™ inlet pipe.

In order for your ECU to recognize this increase in air flow through the stock MAF sensor, cp-e™ offers a Mass Air Meter flash. This flash is required for a stable, effective way to flow more air without throwing off the ECU.

If you do not already have one of the FullControl™ Flashes please order the Mass Air Meter Flash which can be found here.  When placing this order please do not forget
to ship your ECU.