Mazda CP-E XcelNANO Air Intake - MazdaSpeed 6

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You think putting the air filter in the fender isn’t such a great idea? Check out the cp-e™ MazdaSPEED6 XcelNANO intake. It’s got all of the unique features that the Xcel™ cold air kit offers, but at a lower price.

The MazdaSPEED6 XcelNANO uses the same precision CNC machined mass air meter housing as the Xcel™ cold air intake, and features a full 3” mandrel bent aluminum elbow. The 6061 aluminum used in this design is not only very precise, but it won’t crack or bend like some plastic kits can. The elbow also extends the filter so that it sits over the fender opening, which helps grab some fresh air. It was also designed using state of the art digitizing equipment which ensures near perfect fitment. The customer may also choose between an oiled or dry air filter.

The XcelNANO is probably one of the easiest and best bang for the buck upgrades that we offer. In under an hour the average wrench tuner can finish the install and enjoy some added zoom. All without the normal cost associated with quality go-fast parts!

The XcelNANO cold air intake comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.