Mazda CP-E TowPlate - MazdaSpeed 6

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Wearing a license plate in the front-center of your car almost makes it look like a dubious badge of honor from the DOT. It detracts from the visual appeal of the vehicle since it almost never flows properly with the rest of the lines of the car. Worse yet, it can block airflow to cooling devices in the lower grill.

cp-e™ has been developing offset license plate mounts for several vehicles, and they're pleased to offer an example designed specifically for the MazdaSPEED6. 31 of the 50 states in the US require front mounted license plates, and the cp-e™ TowPlate™ mounts the plate offset on the front of the car so it isn’t so conspicuous. The offset mounting also looks unique, and doesn’t obstruct the cooling components that were designed from the factory without a front mounted plate!

The TowPlate™ is also constructed from thick cold rolled steel for super strength and rigidity. This is to ensure that the plate does not deflect or rattle when cruising at high speeds like some universal sheet metal kits can. The bracket of course comes powdercoated for a finished look and to protect from any rust or corrosion.