Mazda CP-E TowPlate - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1

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Mounting the license plate directly in the center of the MazdaSPEED3's front bumper not only detracts from the visual appeal of the vehicle, but it also blocks airflow to cooling devices such as your radiator and aftermarket front mount intercooler. So there are both functional and aesthetic benefits to moving the plate off to the side of the bumper, but are there any drawbacks? Not with this bracket!

First of all, this TowPlate™ was designed specifically for the MazdaSPEED3. This is not a universal kit that "sort of" fits all vehicles. The positioning and angle of the plate bracket was tailored specifically for the MazdaSPEED3, which compliments the lines of the car much better than the factory positioning.

The TowPlate™ is also constructed from thick cold rolled steel for super strength and rigidity. This is to ensure that the plate does not deflect or rattle when cruising at high speeds like some universal sheet metal kits can. The bracket of course comes powdercoated for a finished look and to protect from any rust or corrosion.

The TowPlate™ was also designed to accommodate the MazdaSPEED3 tow hook without having to remove it. A bolt in the center of the bracket is removable and the factory tow hook screws right in. This can be incredibly helpful for folks that regularly use the tow hook for strapping the car down at the dyno, or if the car needs to be towed in a pinch.