Mazda CP-E Standback Engine Controller - MazdaSpeed 6

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The Standback piggyback engine controller is one of cp-e's proudest achievements since the company&s inception.  It was designed, tested, and manufactured 100% in-house by the cp-e™:design team.  Based on the one of the most advanced microprocessors on the planet, this engine controller allows on-the-fly adjustments of boost pressure, ignition timing, and fuel delivery all in real time.  But there is more to our controller than just a fast processor.

The boost control method relies on a very sophisticated PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) feedback control loop, which will adjust the wastegate automatically until the desired boost pressure is achieved.  In other words, you can type your desired boost pressure into the Standback software, and the controller will hold that boost pressure from your boost threshold to redline.  Gone are the days of constantly adjusting duty cycle coefficients to hit your desired boost pressure!

Both the air/fuel and timing tables are based on huge 30x30 tables for enhanced tuning resolution.  Fueling changes can be accomplished by either scaling the MAF sensor output voltage, or by changing the high-pressure fuel pump duty cycle.  This allows very fine changes to fueling, and is unique to the StandbackTM.

The Standback also has the capability to allow users to vent their blow-off valves!  Venting to atmosphere sounds great, and now you can do it safely using our fuel cut feature.  You can tune your map so that the injectors shut off between shifts, which nearly eliminates all the popping and backfiring associated with venting your blow off valve to the atmosphere.   

The Standback can also datalog just about every engine sensor for up to 40 minutes (depending on the selected sample rate of either 5, 10, or 20Hz)!  This is an invaluable tool for diagnosing tuning problems as well as for monitoring engine health.  Welcome to advanced engine tuning in the 21st century!

The engine controller comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.