Mazda CP-E Single Gauge Pod - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1

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If you’re serious about going fast, gauges are absolutely critical for monitoring engine health. Unfortunately, placing gauges in clear view can draw unwanted attention, and often times looks like an afterthought relative to the rest of the vehicle interior.

The cp-e™ single gauge pod solves these problems by allowing the customer to install a single critical gauge over the driver’s side defrost vent. The placement is discreet, yet is in clear view and easy to glance at quickly. Perfect for a boost or AFR gauge.

The gauge pod is also plastic injection molded, which offers several advantages over the alternatives on the market. First, the molded plastic is incredibly durable under extreme weather conditions. That means direct sunlight or bitter cold will not cause cracking or deformation over time. The plastic is also paintable, and may be trimmed if the end-user would like to install gauges larger than 52mm. The gauge holes are also deep enough to accept gauge retaining brackets or leave room for excess wires.

The cp-e™ single gauge pod comes with installation instructions and required hardware.