Mazda CP-E MZRevolved Stage III Short Block

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  • 2.4L L3-VDT Short block
  • 11mm Head Studs
  • ERL Engineered Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • K1 Stock Size Rods
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Performance Main Bearing
  • cp-e Tri-Metal Rod Bearing
  • cp-e Precision Spec Machining
  • cp-e Precision Engineered Special DI Pistons
  • Blueprinted Engine,Documented Hand Assembly with Certificate

Stage III block is bored out to 2.4L spec with ERL engineered ductile iron sleeves. The MZRblocks are precision machined to accept the new sleeves, sleeves are pressed in, and then the assembly is machined to proper deck height to ensure a tight sealing surface between the block and cylinder head. The Stage III short block comes with cp-e™ state-of-the-art Stage III pistons, all assembled with Manley I-Beam rods. ARP main studs are included. We use performance main bearings. Our Tri-Metal rod bearings are specially coated with a Teflon based coating offering reduced friction and wear.