Mazda CP-E MZP 2.3 Nviscid Turbo Inlet Pipe - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1 & 2-MazdaSpeed 6

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For those looking to upgrade their inadequate factory plastic turbo inlet pipe and want the most performance possible, look no further. The cp-e™ Nviscid™ Pipe is without a doubt the optimal solution for both stock and GT series turbos thanks to its versatility, low-restriction design, and thermal insulation properties.

Turbos work most effectively when they have no restriction on the inlet side. The Nviscid™Pipe poses the lowest restriction to stock and GT turbos alike because it offers a tremendous 3-inch cross-sectional flow area throughout. This is accomplished thanks to the pipe’s non-uniform cross-sectional area, which is made possible by the silicone construction.

The silicone also doubles as an excellent thermal barrier. Cold air is denser than hot air, and will ultimately have more power producing potential. To illustrate just how good silicone is at reflecting heat, it’s about 1000-times better at insulating than aluminum.

The pipes also come with slick details like steel wire re-enforcement to prevent collapsing under vacuum, it features all stock brackets and mounting tabs, and also utilizes steel inserts for cold air intake and bypass valve recirculation attachments. Now you can have a true 3” turbo inlet without all the normally associated headaches.

Both the GT series and stock turbo inlets will fit without any modifications to the vehicle, and come with all necessary hardware for installation.

Part Number: ML3VDTNS