Mazda CP-E Mazdaspeed COBB AccessPort V3

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The COBB AccessPort is the best OE ECU mapping solution available on the market today. Custom Performance Engineering is excited to use and promote the AccessPort on the MazdaSPEED6 & MazdaSPEED3 Gen1 & Gen2. The advantages and strengths of the AccessPort are countless. Everything from including in-depth research and development using the AP's built-in datalogger, to superior end-user satisfaction.

Extract maximum power from virtually any modification while retaining the driveability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

cp-e™ has initiated the process of generating and offering OTS maps for cp-e™ products, by cp-e™. This will in turn provide our customers with a complete solution: precision-engineered parts, coupled with an unbeatable tuning solution.