Mazda CP-E CX7 06-09 QKspl Downpipe

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With the success of the MS3 and MS6 downpipes for the DISI engine we have designed one for your CX-7. The cp-e™ downpipe opens the flow of the turbo by removing the restrictive factory piping and the dreaded catalytic converters. Our 3″ Downpipe consists of all mandrel bends and our highly sought after high flow catalytic converter. This allows the power of your direct injected turbo charged motor to flow more efficiently. The reduced back pressure will not only increase the spool but the horsepower and torque across the curve will increase making the driving experience more spirited and enjoyable.

The increase in power is only the beginning. The exhaust note will become deeper and have a more distinct rumble while maintaining a subtle and manageable tone at idle, cruise, and normal acceleration. When you get on the throttle you will truly be able to hear the motor unleashed.

Our downpipe is crafted from premium "bright annealed" 304 stainless steel and is mandrel bent throughout for less turbulent exhaust flow. The flanges are 3/8″ thick laser cut 304 stainless steel and critical portions of the pipe for high strength and durability. Critical portions of the pipe are TIG welded. TIG welds are usually avoided in this industry because they require more time and skill than a MIG weld, despite the fact that TIG welds are better suited for thin metals, are better looking, and create a more durable bond. We held nothing back with this product.