Mazda CP-E CX-7 Xcel Intake

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The CX-7 shares the same engine as the Mazdaspeed6, though it is slightly detuned. Custom Performance Engineering has offered a cold air kit for the CX-7 that not only increases horsepower by smoothing the intake tract, but also allows you to hear all the amazing turbo sounds.

The stock intake system is specifically designed to suppress these noises for a more somber driving experience, but car enthusiasts will unanimously agree that turbochargers produce some of the most satisfying sounds on the planet. With the Xcel™ Cold Air Intake in place, specific throttle angles now produce sounds indicative of the 200,000rpm hair dryer under the hood.

Now CX-7 owners can enhance their turbocharged engine by ditching their quiet and restrictive intake system and replace it with a cp-e™ Xcel™ Cold Air Intake system. Designed to be as effective and pleasing to the ears as the original Xcel™, this CX-7 kit is sure to please those looking for a modest power increase accompanied by the sounds of the proper turbocharged engine.

And speaking of power gains, this intake is sure to outperform its competition in terms of performance and reliability. The power gains are due in part to the shape and diameter of the intake tract. It offers the lowest flow resistance of all the cold air intake kits for this Mazda engine. It also features a carefully designed mass air meter housing that is guaranteed not to set a check engine light like many cold air kits will.

The XcelTM cold air intake comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.