Mazda CP-E Blowoff Valve Kit (includes BOV) - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 2

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Custom Performance Engineering(cp-e™) is proud to announce the release of its blowoff valve kit for the 2010 MazdaSPEED3.

Blow off valves are a key component in any turbocharger system. When adding performance accessories to a turbocharged vehicle, a blowoff valve that is capable of dealing with the additional airflow and pressures should be selected. Aftermarket blowoff valves are designed specifically for larger quantities of air and higher pressures. HKS makes a very high quality unit, and cp-e™ is proud to offer a complete solution based around this valve.

The cp-e™ blow off valve kit comes complete, with a high quality HKS "super sequential" blowoff valve, cp-e™ designed and manufactured adapter flange, and all of the hardware necessary to use this blowoff valve in either recirculation mode or vent to atmosphere mode.

The cp-e™ blow off valve adapter is machined out of billet 6061-T6 Aluminum. cp-e™ uses a advanced 3D machining processes that most competitors will not spend the extra machine time on.

All flanges are not created equal. Please take a close look at the images. These images compare the cp-e™ adapter flange to a competitor's flange. Do not be fooled by these cheaper imitations.