JBR Transmission Side Motor Mount 70a Durometer - Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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The JBR Transmission Mount is the only Vertically Oriented mount on the market. This mount can and will handle all the abuse you plan to throw at it. From street to strip it’s the only true 1 piece transmission mount for the 07’ - 2012 MAZDASPEED 3.

We’ve replaced the weak cast aluminum transmission perch with .250” plate and a 2.00” solid steel perch; welded not bolted.

The business end of the mount is constructed of .188 steel, CNC press braked plate with chromoly sleeves; welded not bolted.

Custom, Proven Poly Urethane bushings in your choice of 70, 80, and 88 Durometers allow you to choose the amount of stiffness you want to run without sacrificing comfort.

Wheel Hop? What wheel hop? Torque Steer? Gone. When combined with the #1 selling rear motor mounts on the market and the only vertically oriented passenger mount available anywhere, the problems that have plagued the MAZDSPEED 3 are now a thing of the past.

WHY A JBR Motor Mount? Custom Durometer Urethane Bushings
Aesthetically pleasing
Reduced drive train slop
Better throttle response
Precise shifts
Improved 1/4 mile times
Bolt-on installation