JBR Thermal Insulating Intake Gasket Kit - Mazdaspeed3 2006-2013

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The Mazda 2.3L MZR DISI engine is assembled using paper thin metal gaskets between the intake manifold and cylinder head. The same paper thin style metal gasket is used between the throttle body and intake manifold. This design allows intense heat to be transferred to both, greatly increasing boost air temperature and robbing you of horsepower.

The JBR Thermal Insulating Intake Gasket Kit prevents this unwanted transfer of heat thus reducing boost air temps and increasing horsepower.

Constructed out of .062 virgin grade PTFE with a temperature rating of 500°F. CAD designed and ported to ensure there’s no reduction in flow. Thin enough to be just as effective as the other brands without the risk of cracking your intake manifold. And it’s reusable too!

The JBR Thermal Insulating Gasket Kit is stackable up to 4 thick while utilizing stock mounting hadware.

Application: Mazdaspeed 3, All

Kit Includes:
1 Insulating Intake Manifold Gasket
1 Insulating Intake Manifold Gasket Spacer