JBR Oil Catch Can VTA Kit - MazdaSpeed 3 2007-2013

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Are you pro-tuned, fully bolted and creating significantly more horsepower than stock? Are you finding a significant amount of oil in your intake, intercooler and intercooler piping? Has your oil dipstick blown out? If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions you may need a better solution to vent you crank case.

The JBR Oil Catch Can VTA (Vent To Atmosphere) kit may be the solution. This simple and affordable kit will allow you to transform your existing JBR Oil Catch Can to 100% VTA.

Higher boosting cars create significant amounts of crank case pressure and that pressure must be released. Now, we think we have one of the best performing catch cans on the market but, with the extreme conditions created by high horsepower motors, some of that oil is going to get past even the best catch can and back in to your intake. By adding the JBR VTA kit to a catch can that already out performs the rest, you have no more issues with oil in your intake.

Like all other JBR products, only the highest quality components are included. A cap for the intake manifold, a plug for all intakes that use the OEM plumbing, like the JBR Power Path Intake for the cam cover vent, stainless clamps, hi-temperature fittings and a K & N Dry-Flow breather filter to top it all off.

Includes: Hi-Temperature caps, plugs and fittings
Stainless Steel Clamps
K & N DRY Flow breather Filter