JBR DISI Bypass Valve Hose Red - MazdaSpeed 3 2007-2013

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The JBR DISI Bypass Valve Return Hose is a direct silicone replacement for the OEM return hose. In less than a year the OEM hose will show signs of deterioration and cracking. Over time, leaks will form and what once was a smooth running engine will soon decline in performance and run poorly and possibly cause the check engine light to come on.

The JBR Bypass Valve Return Hose is molded in the form of the original for a direct replacement fit. It’s constructed out of five (5) layers of high performance silicone and four (4) layers of reinforcement. The JBR Bypass Return Hose will easily outlast the life of the car, increase performance and add some color for a nice personalized touch.

The kit includes: 1 DISI Bypass Valve Return Hose
2 Stainless Clamps