JBR 51R Small Battery Box - MazdaSpeed 3 2007-2013

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The JBR 51R Small Battery Box is a must have if you're planning on making any kind of big power. Designed to be small enough to make essential room for the larger intakes yet big enough to fit a full size a battery, without sacrificing much in the way of CCA's! Now you can gain unrestricted access to the Turbo, Turbo Inlet Pipe, Boost Control Solenoid or Waste Gate Actuator without having to remove your battery. Another unique feature is the mounting location for the ECU. Maintaining the OEM orientation, there's no need to remove any coverings from the wiring harness to attach the ECU. This feature is critically important when you need stock out for a dealer visit or put the car up for sale. Who wants to buy a car with an altered wiring harness?

The JBR 51R Small Battery box, and a JBR Wide Path Full Silicone Intake System, a combination Full of WIN!

Includes:JBR 51R Small Battery Box*
All Necessary Mounting Hardware

*51R Battery Not Included