GTSPEC Trailing Brace Set - MazdaSpeed 6 06-07***Discontinued***

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Get an edge over the competition and shaving time off your laps. Underbody rigidity influences the suspension geometry while cornering, thus making the responsiveness of the vehicle handles inconsistent. GTSPEC Chassis Braces connect different point on the vehicle’s for increased rigidity while reducing chassis flex under cornering loads. By preventing body flex, the GTSPEC Chassis Braces dramatically improves steering and traction. Expect sharper responsiveness on the street or at the track and enjoy greatly improved road feel and handling on any application. Engineered and manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for lightweight construction and increased structural rigidity, it is a direct bolt on.

GTSPEC Chassis Braces consist of:
* V-Brace
* T-Brace
* Mid Chassis Brace
* Sway Link Brace
* Chassis Brace
* Trailing Link Set
* Subframe Reinforcement
* Rear Differential Reinforcement
* Reinforcement Braces