ETS MazdaSpeed 6 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade 2005-2007

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ETS MazdaSpeed 6 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade 2005-2007


MazdaSpeed 6 2005-2007

 The ETS MazdaSpeed top mount intercooler is the best intercooler on the market, not only price but quality.  This intercooler features a direct bolt on design using the factory mounting points.  The core is a bar and plate design for maximum cooling and efficency. A direct bolt on aluminum shroud is provided with every intercooler to eliminate the black shroud.  The intercooler was designed to eliminate all restrictions and bottle necks the stock intercooler provided.  Each intercooler is pressure checked at 35psi. 

    Bar and plate core
    Dyno proven gains of 20hp and 20tq on a stock vehicle.
    Pressure checked at 35psi
    Direct bolt on
    Upgraded aluminum shroud
    Removed bottleneck the stock intercooler provided.
    3.25" flows 1176 CFM (705hp based on flow, inlet/oulet restrict flow to ~600hp, surface area = 450hp at ~50mph, speed required for this power rating due to flow through the scoop.