Denso Iridium Spark Plugs Set of 4 - MazdaSpeed 3-6

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Heat Range: 8 (stock is 6)

Gap: .030 - .032

Denso Iridium Plugs

DENSO's patented iridium alloy is extremely tough and wear-resistant. This makes it possible to produce a spark plug with a centre electrode of just 0.4 mm. Denso Iridium spark plugs give a stronger spark and better ignition performance in all areas of driving. These plugs can withstand even the most severe conditions and have proven themselves in original equipment and racing. This product gives DENSO the leading position in Iridium Spark Plug technology.

Iridium Power Range

These Denso plugs are the obvious choice for any one looking for a fast, easy and effective way of enhancing and improving the performance of your engine. Utilising the revolutionary 0.4mm center electrode technology, the Iridium Power plugs can make an immediate difference to your bhp, fuel efficiency and cold starting.

As used by racing, rally and performance OEMs throughout the world.