cp-e ProFuel Controller - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1 & 2

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This is a 'must-have' option for Standback™ owners that push the limits of their turbo vehicle. The cp-e™ ProFuel™ controller is an integrated, fully progressive supplemental fueling controller that can be used to operate either a secondary set of batch fire injectors, or a water/methanol pump. Now you can fine tune both primary and secondary fueling using a single controller, and with tremendous versatility.

Many supplemental fuel controllers (particularly in water/methanol applications) on the market rely on very simple boost switches to activate the pump. The issue is that these systems are not adjustable in terms of when the spray begins, or how much fuel is delivered at any given instant. This typically makes fine tuning discrete areas of the powerband very difficult because flow is limited to 'on' or 'off'

The ProFuel™ controller allows the end-user to very finely adjust supplemental fuel delivery relative to throttle position, MAP voltage, or MAF voltage and on high resolution 30x30 tables. The pump duty is scalable between 0-100% so supplemental fuel or water/methanol flow can be increased relative to engine output.

The ProFuel™ also uses an emergency shut-down feature that can be triggered by any 12-volt sensor. For instance, if you pair the controller with a flow meter, when water/methanol flow drops below a specified set point, the Standback™ will respond by dropping the boost to wastegate spring pressure, and will pull 5° of timing to prevent engine damage. So now you can prevent engine damage should your supplemental fueling system stop pumping.

The ProFuel™ controller comes with the controller and driver to control either fuel injectors or a water/methanol pump. Reservoir, lines, pump, nozzles, and/or injectors sold separately.