cp-e PNP Harness - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 2

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cp-e™ is proud to offer the first plug and play engine management solution for the 2nd Generation MazdaSPEED3.

The cp-e™ PNP™ Harness enables quick installation and removal of the Standback™ engine management system.  Using the same factory connectors as the stock ECU, the PNP™ Harness can be used to install the Standback™ with no additional modifications.  There is no need to risk your warranty with cutting, splicing, and soldering wires. You can literally plug the Standback™ in and remove it, in just a few minutes, whenever you do not need it.

The cp-e ™ PNP™ Harness comes with board mounted OEM ECU connectors and Standback™ wiring harness encased in urethane to protect the unit against shock, moisture, and electrical shorts. So you can mount it just about anywhere in the vehicle.