cp-e PNP Harness - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1

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CP-E's Standback™ engine management system is truly an incredible piece of hardware. But its success has been limited by the fact that the end-user has had to cut, splice, and solder wires in order to install it into the vehicle. Obviously this causes a problem for people as it puts your vehicle's warranty at jeopardy. And those who are not technically savvy may have trouble installing such a complex device. Plug and Play solves all of these problems.

What is Plug and Play exactly? Plug and Play (or PNP™ for short) enables a customer to install and remove the Standback™ engine management system without any modifications to the vehicle. They can do this because they use the same factory connectors as the stock ECU. So you can literally plug the Standback™ in and remove it, in just a few minutes, whenever you do not need it.

There are two important implications here. First, your vehicle's warranty is no longer at risk since there are no traces of modification to the vehicle. Second, you can easily swap the Standback™ in and out of your car, or even bring it to a friend's car to try.

The PNP™ option comes with board mounted OEM ECU connectors and Standback™ wiring harness encased in urethane to protect the unit against shock, moisture, and electrical shorts. So you can mount it just about anywhere in the vehicle.