cp-e ∆Core™ Front Mount Intercooler - MazdaSpeed 6 *Discontinued*

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All front mount intercoolers are not created equal!

After a full year of testing and validation, Custom Performance Engineering(cp-e™) is pleased to announce the release of the ∆Core™Front Mount Intercooler.  Being a true "form follows function" design, this intercooler was created from the ground up to outcool, and downright outperform the stock top mount intercooler in every respect.  The end result does exactly that, and will maintain its superior efficiency all the way up to 450bhp.

The 20"x6"x3" bar and plate intercooler core is nestled between the bumper and the air conditioning condenser with a slight rake.  The end tanks also feature a baffle to ensure that the incoming airflow is equally dispersed along the entire length of the intercooler.  Both the 2.25" hot and cold pipes enter the vertical flow core from the driver's side, which eliminates a potentially detrimental 180° bend.  And of course, all the hardware including the intercooler pipes are aluminum as opposed to mild steel both for weight savings and for added heat transfer while the air is sliding its way through the intricate piping.  This kit also includes a stock BOV flange leaving the choice up to you.  These are the kind of clever details that they engineer into all of their products, and is also what makes this more than just any front mount intercooler kit.