Borla Catback System: Mazda RX-8 2004-08

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Borla Performance Industries has released a great new Cat-Back™ system for the 2004-07 Mazda RX-8 equipped with a 1.3L rotary engine and automatic or manual transmission. This system (part #140078) installs to the flange located just after the catalytic converter and is made from full aircraft quality high quality austenitic stainless steel. Borla incorporates a single 3” mandrel bent inlet pipe leading to a 19” long, 10” wide transverse flow muffler. Exiting the muffler are two 2.25” tailpipe tip assemblies. It is a split rear system with a 4” Borla embossed single round, rolled edge, angle cut polished stainless steel tailpipe tip at each exit. The logics of automatic engineering kick in telling us that if we are increasing flow by this amount and making appropriate enhancements on the induction side, then the power numbers will be more dramatic. In fact, the Borla Exhaust for the RX-8 has a flow increase of 200CFM over stock, gains about 10 horsepower and is a full 6 pounds lighter than the factory system. This is a great hot rod, and the Borla system has the unbeatable combination of quality, performance, ease of installation and legendary Borla Sound of Power.

Borla Performance Industries, the original pioneers of high quality, austinetic stainless steel (superior to T-409 or aluminized steel) free flow exhaust utilizes its patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy – all with an easy bolt-on installation. All BORLA street products carry the famous BORLA written million-mile warranty.

Product Specifications:

Product Type:  Cat-Back System
Tip Style:  35
Tip Exit:  Split Rear


Mazda 2008     RX-8 Sport      1.3L 2cyl AT/MT 6 Spd RWD
Mazda 2008    RX-8 Touring     1.3L 2cyl AT/MT 6 Spd RWD
Mazda 2007    RX-8 Base     1.3L 2cyl AT/MT 6 Spd RWD
Mazda 04-06    RX-8 Base     1.3L 2cyl AT 4 Spd RWD
Mazda 04-06    RX-8 Base     1.3L 2cyl MT 6 Spd RWD
Mazda 2005    RX-8 Shinka     1.3L 2cyl AT 4 Spd RWD
Mazda 2005    RX-8 Shinka     1.3L 2cyl MT 6 Spd RWD