Blackline Titanium Shift Knob - Polished

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Experience a much smoother shift feel with less direct effort required to engage the next gear! Faster gear shifts = faster car!

Heavier shift knobs carry more kinetic energy and momentum with it when set in motion than a stock, lighter shift knob. This effect of carrying more momentum makes the shift knob more difficult to stop when set in motion, so it essentially helps you engage the next gear.

This results in a smoother shift feel with less direct effort required from the driver to engage the next gear. Basically a heavier shift knob smooths out the shift feel, and almost makes the shift feel effortless. With the Blackline shift knob in your palm, you can be sure that each gear will feel like it has a purpose.

TECH TIP: Manufactured from real titanium, this is the polished version of the blackline titanium weighted shift knob. The titanium goes through a shaving process, which makes the feel of the Blackline titanium shift knob very unique in the hand.Each shift knob weighs in at7.1oz (201g), and is 45mm in diameter. Thread Pitch: 10x1.25