ATP GT3076R Complete Bolt-on Turbo Kit - Mazdaspeed6

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GT3076R Bolt-on Turbo Kit with 100% of hardware components including but not exclusive to, Garrett ball bearing turbo with ATP proprietary exhaust housing, high pressure internal wastegate assembly, V-band output module, 3” Stainless downpipe, 3” inlet pipe set, fittings and fasteners. Turbo is efficient up to 26 psi on the MS6 2.3L turbo engine and can produce over 500 crank HP as configured with supporting mods and proper tuning. Uses stock exhaust manifold and very easy to install. Turbo spools about 400-500 rpms later than the GT3071R on the 2.3L MS6 engine and should only be used on this engine if you plan to exceed 450 crank HP (or go over 22 psi of boost).