ATP Boost Cut Killer Module - Mazdaspeed3 - Mazdaspeed6

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Boost-Cut Killer module for Mazdaspeed6 /mazdaspeed3/CX7 2.3L Turbo engine. Eliminates the ECU induced "boost-cut" condition when boost on the engine is raised beyond factory stock settings. The module has been designed to bolt on, inline with the factory MAP sensor using the simple hardware provided. No other changes or tweaks are necessary. Works well with both stock turbo with bolt-ons and big upgraded turbo setups. CAUTION: While we have found that this device works very well with the stock fuel system to retain good air/fuel ratios when boost levels are raised, the factory fuel system does have a limit and can only support so much boost/HP. The peak boost cut limit is almost completely removed with this modification so there will be no safeguard against overboost. You must closely monitor your air/fuel ratio and boost levels upon installation of this device to ensure that you are operating the engine in the safe running zone.