ATP 3" Catless High Flow V-Band Downpipe - Mazdaspeed 6

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Downpipe, Mazdaspeed6, 3" Stainless, catless, high flow, Vband disconnect at turbo for modular use and future expansion. Comes with v-band module for stock turbo. Downpipe is fully compatible with ATP/Garrett ball bearing turbo upgrades. Direct bolt up to stock exhaust 2 bolt flange on the rear. Unit also has extra 02 bung for wideband tuning and plug included. All CNC machined flanges, 304 stainless tubing, and TIG welded construction. NOTE: With CATTED Option Only

This downpipe offers big performance gains on cars still running the stock turbo or upgraded turbo. Even on the stock turbo, this free flowing downpipe will make as much as 50 ft/lb of torque on the bottom end and a lot of HP depending on the amount of boost you run.