ACT Clutch Kit: Heavy Duty Solid Race 4 or 6 pad: Mazda RX-8 2003-2006 Discontinued

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ACT Clutch Kits

We all know that engine horsepower and torque can be increased with simple bolt on parts and proper engine tuning. But transferring that power to the drive train takes a high performance clutch kit. This can be one of the most significant upgrades that you can have done to your engine. Every engine set up is unique, so a variety of ACT clutches and ACT pressure plates are offered that can be combined as a kit. ACT high performance clutch kits let you customize the right kit for any applications. When considering the right ACT clutch kit, you need to determine the type of driving situation you will be in.

For street use, a long lasting clutch such as the ACT stock, modified or performance street disc that offers a responsive feel, smooth engagement and quite operations will be needed. Mated with an ACT heavy duty pressure plate will provide a comfortable, smooth driving experience. If you are looking for more of a race application that requires quick shifting and hard solid engagement, ACT clutch kits for this set up will include either a 4 pad or 6 pad solid/spring hub race disc with an ACT Xtreme pressure plate. This type of setup will provide a harsh engagement and chatter not recommended for street use.

There are several different ACT clutch kit combinations that you can choose from. Consider carefully which is right for your car by determining the amount of power your engine will be making or estimated to make. From there you can choose which kit would best suit your setup.

Street Discs

Stock Modified Performance
Recommended for Street Recommended for Street or occasional Race Recommended for Street or Race
Smooth engagement Quicker engagement Quicker engagement
Very quiet operation Quiet operation Quiet operation
Good burst and hub strength Improved friction material
and/or hub strength
Best organic friction material, improved hub and burst strength

Spring Centered Race Discs

4 Pad (G4) 6 Pad (G6)
Recommended for Road Racing Recommended for Road Racing and high power Street
Increased torque capacity and spline life Increased torque capacity and spline life
Good durability and spline life Very good durability and good spline life
Quiet operation, reduced driveline shock quiet operation, reduced driveline shock
Very harsh engagement, chatter Harsh engagement, chatter

Xtreme Solid Centered Race Discs

4 Pad (R4) 6 Pad (R6)
Recommended for Drag and Road Racing Increased torque capacity
Increased torque capacity Fastest shifts, low inertia
Fastest shifts, low inertia Very good durability but
shortened spline life
Good durability but shortened spline life Absorbs more heat then 4-pad
Very harsh engagement, chatter Harsh engagement, some chatter


  Torque Capacity (ft/.Ibs):   Clamp Load Increase (%):
422 34

Application(s): Mazda RX-8 2003-2006

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