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Custom Performance Engineering is very pleased to announce the release of their new 3" downpipe for the MazdaSPEED3!

Following the same successful recipe they used for their MS6 downpipe, their new MS3 downpipe replaces the choked factory pipe and its two restrictive cats, with one high-flow cat and a 3" mandrel bend pipe.  The catalytic converter features a high-flow, all metallic honeycomb design, making it one of the most durable converters on the market.  The result of the efforts is reduced backpressure, decreased turbo spool time, increased horsepower and a more aggressive sound.  For an even greater dose of the same great sound and power, option out the downpipe without a catalytic converter,     OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.  cp-e Smart O2 Sims will be released shortly to eliminate the unwanted check engine light.

Although more power and great sound are high priority items when buying a 3" downpipe, the fine details are what ensure that the product will satisfy the end-user for a lifetime.  cp-e does not usemild "junk" steel or even cut and welded intermediate bends on this pipe.  Their downpipe is crafted from premium "bright annealed" 304 stainless steel and is mandrel bent throughout for less turbulent exhaust flow.  The flanges are 3/8" thick laser cut 304 stainless steel and critical portions of the pipe for high strength and durability.  Critical portions of the pipe are TIG welded.  TIG welds are usually avoided in this industry because they require more time and skill than a MIG weld, despite the fact that TIG welds are better suited for thin metals, are better looking, and create a more durable bond.  They held nothing back with this product.

When paired with the new cp-e cat back exhaust system, the full cp-e turbo back system on MS3 gained about 30 horsepower and 40 lb/ft of torque to thewheels compared to the stock system.  There is more to the graphs than just the "peak gains".  The mid-range is greatly enhanced, and notice how much quicker the power comes on with the cp-e turbo back installed.

What is arguably the most attractive feature of this exhaust system however, is the sound.

The downpipe comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.


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Mazda CP-E 3inches SS Downpipe System - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1
Mazda CP-E 3inches SS Downpipe System - MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1
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Wide Band o2 Bung:
+ ETS MazdaSpeed 3 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade 2007-2009
ETS MazdaSpeed 3 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade 2007-2009
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