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The 2010 MazdaSPEED3 has a lot of potential and for those that want to get the most out of the engine, cp-e has designed a front mount intercooler (FMIC). The factory top mountintercooler (TMIC) leaves a lot to be desired, its biggest flaw is location. Because it sits on top of the engine, which generates a lot of heat, the TMIC soaks in the hot air especially while the vehicle is idle. All performance enthusiasts know that heat is our enemy.

In order to help fight this battle, cp-e set out to design a FMIC that would work well with the factory turbo, while allowing room for future upgrades to larger turbos. Featuring a massive core, measuring out at 24" x 9.5" by 3.25" it has unique cast endtanks with a 2.5" inlet and a 2.75" outlet. The endtanks were cast to allow for efficient airflow through the core. By minimizing restrictions we minimized the pressure drop from endtank to endtank.

In order to fit such a massive core, cp-e had to design a bumper replacement to allow for clearance and provide a very rigid mounting structure for the core. This was done out of billet steel components to provide the most strength possible. One of the features that cp-e is most proud of is that you can reuse your stock towhook, this feature is designed into the factory bumper so cp-e felt it best to design it into our bumper as well. To prevent rust and provide a stealth appearance the bumper bar is powdercoated black. The core is mounted to the bumper with billet aluminum cnc machined and formed brackets.

The FMIC kit features 2.5" pipe from the turbo to the intercooler and 2.75" pipe from theintercooler to the throttle body. The piping is mandrel bent and bead rolled to allow for higher boost pressures. The kit includes black silicone hoses and t-bolt stainless steel clamps. The t-bolts help everything seal properly and deal with the higher boost pressures this core was design to handle. The BOV placement is right next to the stock throttle body and features a stock bolt pattern. This allows people to use whatever BOV they already have in place. Piping is available in two colors, customers can choose from cp-e silver or black powdercoating.

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